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Since 2005, Glacier Megafridge, Inc. has been a cold chain storage and logistical service provider that builds, owns and operates high performance cold chain industrial facilities for perishable meat, poultry, aquamarine and dairy products. We partner with food importers, traders, processors, distributors and retail outlets in the Philippines. We serve clients in these channels of commerce who need cold chain logistical support to preserve freshness in products they distribute to manufacturers and consumers nationwide

Our company is a proud fusion of Japanese technological advancement and Filipino talent and ingenuity. We collectively comprise over 30 years of refrigeration engineering, cold storage and warehouse management and logistical transport operations. Our capability and track record are the industry’s gold standard in cold chain operational efficiency and reliability and responsive customer care.



Arturo Jose C. Yan

C.E.O. - Glacier Megafridge Incorporated

“Strengthening the cold chain structure will shift sourcing of household food from canned to refrigerated preservation. In the long run, the same cold chain will be the channel for organic food. The shift in food consumption behaviour can influence better prices, quality, and availability to enhance the wealth existence of each individual.”

Commitment to Quality Preservation, & Food Safety

We are a Filipino Company providing integrated logistics solutions to our customers. We perceive food safety as a significant given in our industry. It is a critical responsibility that requires unrelenting vigilance in identifying and preventing food safety hazards.

Above this, we create logistics solutions with unique value propositions that closely conform with the needs of our customers. This is how we sustain and grow our business. It requires us to be sensitive to the preferences and pains of our customers, as well as uncover concealed opportunities so that otherwise laborious tasks may be more easily, conveniently and more productively undertaken and completed with desired results. This is how we become part of our customers’ daily lives.

All our creative processes and deep concern for quality and food safety come together and bear fruit in offering these unique logistics solutions. The true measure of competition, price and value of our services is judged in the marketplace. Providing services that create value for our customers is a constant process of self-assessment that focuses on controls over predictability of outcomes and a continual search for doing things better with less. We believe that there are always better ways of creating and enhancing service value.

We aspire to be part of a global community of companies recognized for high quality and excellence of service at the lowest possible cost.

Our cost structure reflects our adherence to rules of a level playing field. We strongly believe that business continuity is anchored in compliance to the statutory and regulatory requirements. The prerequisites that assure public safety and fair play are embodied in the value that we offer in our services.

We know that we are part of a larger whole where our actions resonate within a complex web of cause and effect. From this perspective, we make choices and decisions with great care so as to leave as light a footprint as possible upon the environment.

Mr. Arturo C. Yan

Company Milestones

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2007 - 2010
Phil Nippon diversities to building, owning and operating technology driven cold storage facilities.
Glacier Refrigeration Services Corp is registered as an official cold storage - cold chain logistics company.
Glacier starts commercial operations of a 2500 pallet positioning plant in Food Terminal in Taguig.
Glacier wins BEST COLD STORAGE FACILITY under the Department of Agriculture.
Glacier Megafridge was established as the central holdings company of all Glacier Plants. Glacier North is registered and starts commercial operation.
Glacier Panay Cold Chain Services Corp is registered to operate a 2,000 pallet cold storage plant in Panay, Roxas City.
Glacier Liberty Refrigeration Services Corp is registered to operate a 2,000 pallet cold storage plant in Legazpi City, Southern Luzon. Glacier Megafridge wins the ENERGY RENEWABLE SERVICE AWARD under International Financing Corporation, World Bank.
Glacier FTI, Panay and Legazpi are solarized to generate solar energy using solar tie grid power plants. Glacier South Refrigeration Services Corp is registered to operate 12,000 pallet cold storage power plants.
Signed a strategic distribution contract with Nestle Corporation. Signed a strategic alliance with Alsons Corporation, to build, own and operate a processing plant besides the cold storage plant. Signed a strategic distribution contract with Nestle Corporation.
Glacier groups adapts processing ISO 9001 certification for quality and food safety. Glacier South sends an ending balance weekly report to cold storage warehousing clients.
Glacier Pulilan Bulacan, Glacier Iloilo and Glacier Samar were officially registered to increase the provincial cold storage capacities. Glacier Integrated Logistics uses formed for integration of logistics transport division with warehouse operations and inventory management system. Glacier South B start commercial operations and increase the plant capacity of Parañaque plant at 20,469 pallets; the biggest cold storage capacity in GMA Frozen Link was officially opened to address trading services

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